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Short Breaks Webinar, Survey and Prize Draw

A huge thank you to everyone who has accessed the WPCC's Short Breaks consultation webinar so far!

Each year the WPCC facilitates consultations with parent carers to collate feedback about the Short Break Scheme that in turn informs decisions Wiltshire Council takes about the Scheme for the coming year. Read on for details about the consultation survey that the WPCC is facilitating this year and your chance to win £70...

In Previous Years...
In previous years, the Wiltshire Parent Carer Council (WPCC) has facilitated a series of Short Breaks consultation events with parent carers of children and young people with SEND. The purpose of the sessions was to enable parent carers to understand pressures and demands on the Scheme and provide a forum for parents to ask questions to help understanding. This meant that those attending were more informed to participate in an open and honest dialogue and offer creative suggestions working in partnership with the local authority to inform decisions about the Scheme for the following year.

Sadly, year on year the number of parents attending these sessions has declined to the point that the WPCC took the decision not to run face to face Short Breaks consultation sessions, as with such low numbers it did not consider it a responsible use of resources (both financial and time) to run sessions for very low attendances.

Instead, we are inviting all parent carers to participate in our online Short Breaks consultation webinar and survey, the results of which, we will collate and report to the local authority to help inform decisions taken about the 2020/21 Short Breaks Scheme. You do not have to currently access the Short Breaks Scheme to participate, we would welcome as much input as possible to help inform future decisions about the Scheme.

One of the advantages of consulting in this way is that we hope it will enable everyone who would like to input, to do so at a time that suits. We will make the consultation survey available in hard copy to anyone who requests it.

In an effort to give as much information as possible and to help make participation in the consultation as meaningful as possible, we delivered a Short Breaks consultation webinar; this needs to be watched before you can participate in the survey as it describes some of the challenges and pressures on the Short Breaks Scheme. You can watch the webinar at any time the suits you, as long as you do so before the survey closes. We recognise this presents some challenges as it doesn’t give an opportunity for an open forum of dialogue which can be helpful in discussing and considering a range of suggestions. We do hope however that this is a reasonable alternative, recognising the low interest in face to face sessions in the few years.

In the webinar, we discussed the pressures and challenges on the Scheme and invited comments and suggestions to help inform decisions about how the Scheme might look next year. During the webinar, we also talked about youth services for young people with SEND, and asked questions about the current funding arrangements for SEND youth clubs. The webinar also gave participants an opportunity to consider and discuss the summer music workshops that Barnardo's ran this summer.

Just like last year, in recognition of the fact that we appreciate that some time will need to be given to participate in this survey, and as we are making a saving by not organising venues etc., we will give everyone who participates in this consultation survey the chance to win one of five £70 prizes by entering our free draw as a thank you for your participation.

Simply watch and listen to the recording of the Short Breaks webinar. Every parent carer who participates in the webinar, either live or by watching the recording, will be sent a link to a survey. Every parent carer who completes the survey will be offered the opportunity to enter a free draw with a chance to win one of five £70 prizes.

So, please don't delay, [REGISTER NOW] to watch the recording of the webinar as soon as you can and be in with a chance to win £70.

Survey closes at 5pm on Sunday 15th December 2019