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Memo’s diagnostic shoe system

Memo shoe.png
The revolutionary Memo shoe is possibly among the highest quality footwear available for children.

Memo's unique diagnostic system highlights areas of abrasion on the sole of the shoe, which then enables your doctor, consultant or physiotherapist to monitor the conditions of your child's feet and recommend the best insoles to correct postural defects.

You can find out more about Memo shoes from the Memo website and you can buy them from Equip to Move Ltd, the official UK distributors. Visit the Equip to Move website, or call them on 01525 718581.

A personal recommendation for Memo shoes

"Dear parents, I want to share with you my short story about Memoshoes footwear.

My name is Victoria, my son Timothy, who is 7 now, has cerebral palsy on the right side caused by the birth injury. His physical development did not give any hope that some day he would walk, play and even run.

As I was packing before leaving Russia for the United States I saw an old black and white advertisement about Memoshoes footwear in our local newspaper. The ad had the information about Dr. Perner, inventor of this footwear, and its unique system and quality.

I got interested because at that time I reached for any possible chance to help my 2-year old son. So we bought Memoshoes and appropriate insole. At first my son walked with my assistance. After one month he was able to get off the couch and could stand independently. Two months later I was beside myself with joy-shortly before we moved he made his first step! It really was a miracle, because just three months before that he could not even sit and hold his body without help.

I want to recommend this footwear to every parent. Since I have tried it on my own child, I can confidently say there are no better shoes for children. Today my son plays, runs, jumps- all thank to Memoshoes. Good fixation of the leg due to the hard high boot, comfortable Velcro, and correct insole help my son to hold his spine straight and keep his gait normal."