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Subsection: Signposting - Support for families

Family and Community Learning Team - courses for April/ May 2021

Family and Community Learning (FaCL) are eager to share their latest ‘Helping My Child With …’ online courses taking place during April 2021:

Helping My Child to Build Concentration and Resilience - Monday 12th April, 10:00-12:00, 1x2hr session
Helping My Child with Anxiety and Worry - Monday 19th April, 10:00-12:00, 1x2hr session
Helping My Child to Prepare Positively for Change - Thursday 22nd April, 10:00-12:00, 1x2hr session
Helping My Child with Reading - Tuesday 20th April, 10:00 -12:00, 1x2hr session
Helping My Child to Learn Science - Thursday 29th April, 10:00-12:00, 5x2hr Sessions

Please see the latest April Newsletter from the Family and Community Learning team. The newsletter also contains information on FaCL’s next Taster Session which is on May 19th on TEAMS from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. You can join and find out what they can offer and any courses that maybe suitable for you and your family.

They are also pleased to announce…FRED is back! FRED stands for:

Families reading together is vital and has a significant positive effect on a child’s reading, cognitive skills, wellbeing and mental health. The purpose of this course is to develop learners’ understanding of the methods and steps used to teach children to read. Studies show there are lots of positive effects for children if family members read regularly to them, including better attendance at school; higher self-esteem and confidence; making friends and a higher likelihood of going on to higher education... and earning more as an adult!  

FRED starts, Tuesday 27th April, 10:00-12:00 (5x2hr sessions).

Latest Adult Support FaCL courses

• FaCL have a fantastic new online course called “Manage Worries Positively”. This starts, Friday 23rd April, 10:00-12:00, (1x2hr session)

This new course will explore the meaning of anxiety and worry and how they affect the body, behaviour, emotions and thoughts.

There are also two other courses aimed at Entry Level 1 to Entry Level 3 learners, they are very basic courses for individual with no formal qualifications:

Money Smart - Take steps to manage the budget.
Health Smart - Develop skills in making good self-care choices that will support both physical and emotional well-being.

There will be more Smart courses to come in the future.

Boost Courses! These courses can help individuals gain new skills; reconnect with learning and become work ready. There are 10 separate courses

1. Discover How to Boost Your Potential - Thursday 29th April, 10:00 -12:00, 1x2hr session Boosts,
2 – 10 are all 1x 3.5hr sessions, from 10:00 – 13:30
2. Boost Your Skills - Thursday 6th May
3. Boost Your Job Seeking - Tuesday 11th May
4. Boost Your Career - Thursday 13th May
5. Boost Your Opportunities Online - Tuesday 18th May
6. Boost Your Job Applications - Thursday 20th May
7. Boost Your Communication Skills - Tuesday 25th May
8. Boost Your Success - Thursday 27th May
9. Boost Your Wellbeing - Tuesday 1st June
10. Boost Your Online Interview Skills - Thursday 2nd June

How to book
All of FaCL’s latest courses can be viewed via their online timetable. Just click [here] to find out more.

FaCL funding criteria
Courses are funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Courses are no cost to learners if they are 19+, have been a resident in UK/EU for 3+ years, have less than 5 GCSEs grades A-C, in receipt of benefits, have a child with SEN and/ or a service family or they may have other issues that joining a course could help with.

If you need further information, or are unsure if you can join, the team are always happy to talk things through to see if they can help.

Call: 01225 770478