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Section: What we do

Subsection: What we do - Have your say!

Proposal to Increase Rowdeford School’s Capacity

Wiltshire Council proposes to make a prescribed alteration to Rowdeford School by expanding the school’s current registered net capacity from 130 places to 170 from May 2020. This will not involve a physical expansion of the current building; the pupils will be accommodated within the existing space.

Why a proposed increase?
Due to the growing demand, following the 2019 intake, Rowdeford now has 166 students (as of 1st February 2020). Rowdeford has the space and resources to support these students and it is proposed that Rowdeford now formally changes its registered capacity to 170 so that students at Rowdeford can continue their education at the school and to allow for the intake of new students in 2020.

Wilshire Council are making this proposal to:-

• Meet the needs of the growing number of children with SEND
• Continue to support the education and wellbeing of the students at Rowdeford school

The Special Educational Needs supported at Rowdeford School would remain the same with Rowdeford School continuing to support the needs of children and young people who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) identified to support Speech, Language and Communication, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Physical Disability, Moderate Learning Difficulty and/or Severe Learning Difficulty.

Please see the attachment for further information, including how to comment.

Please note that all comments must be received by 6th April 2020.