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Section: Who we are

All Change at the WPCC

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about some staff changes at the WPCC that will take place from 1st September 2021.

Due to a change in personal circumstances, Elaine Reader will be stepping down as one of WPCC’s SENDIS officers at the end of August. We are not losing Elaine however as although she will be reducing her hours and working two days a week as one of our Telephone Triage workers.

Helen Selway, who joined the WPCC in March as our Temporary Telephone Triage worker, will be taking over from Elaine and will join Sharon Selkridge-Parham as a SENDIS officer for three days a week. Helen has been undergoing weekly training to prepare her for her new role in September. Helen will also continue to answer calls as a member of the WPCC Telephone Triage team on the days she isn’t working as a SENDIS officer.

Joining us in September is Kate Martin. Kate will be working one day a week as another member of our Telephone Triage team. Kate is currently undergoing weekly training so that she is ready for her new role in September.

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Who Does What?
WPCC SENDIS Officers are able to support parent carers with a range of enquiries relating to SEND and can signpost to relevant agencies.

Providing the same service as our SENDIS officers, our Outreach workers work one-to-one and face-to-face with families who would normally find it difficult to access information, signposting and support by telephone or the internet.

Our Telephone Triage team answer the telephone during our normal office hours, take basic details of your enquiry and pass it on to a member of the team who will aim to call you back within 72 hours. We hope this means there will be fewer occasions where you will need to leave a message on our answer phone.

Like us, we know many of you will be sad to lose Elaine as one of WPCC's SENDIS Officers. Elaine joined us in 2014 and has been an amazing support to parent carers and professionals in her SENDIS role. We are delighted however that we won't be losing Elaine completely and we will continue to benefit from her knowledge, experience and empathy. We are sure you will join us in thanking Elaine for all she has done over the years as a WPCC SENDIS Officer, she is highly regarded by all of us within the WPCC and we know, also by many of you.

If you want to send a short message to Elaine, you can do so [HERE].