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Transition 14-25 years projects


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The past year has been a time of great change for Transitions at Wiltshire Council. The pioneering work of the DCA Pathfinder Review towards a 0-25 plan for young people is, in many ways, absorbing the role previously allocated to the Transitions Lead and the Transitions Partnership Board at Wiltshire Council. In the past, the role of the WPCC’s Transitions Team was to liaise with Wiltshire Council’s Transition Lead and have representation on the Transition Partnership Board to represent parents’ views. Much of this work is now becoming part of the ongoing DCA Pathfinder work.

As of summer 2012, there is no longer a Transitions Lead at Wiltshire Council. This is because the role has been put on hold while we wait to see how a service for children and young people from 0-25 develops (for further information, see information on the DCA Pathfinder). It was also recently decided to merge the Transition Partnership Board with the Disability/SEN group as the membership of both groups is similar.

Your transition representative

Jenny Oliver

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Jenny Oliver

Lead Parent Representative for Transition to Adulthood

As Team Lead for Transitions, Jenny represents the views and concerns of parents at a variety of strategic meetings, and she works in partnership with services to ensure the voice and experiences of parent carers informs decisions about supporting young people’s transitions to adulthood.

Jenny moved back from Abu Dhabi to the UK some years ago in order to find a suitable school for her severely autistic son, who at the age of 12 and thanks to Wiltshire Council attended a funded residential placement at a school in Dorset. She also has three other children.

Jenny says: “After the stressful time I had going through the tribunal system, I am concerned about my son’s future transitions process. I believe very strongly that parents should feel listened to and fully represented regarding their child’s education”.

You can contact Jenny directly using the details below.

Telephone: 01225 764647 or 07867696594

Championing a person-centred approach

Heather Sexton, although no longer Transitions Lead, will continue to have an important role as she is to become champion for Person Centred Planning and she is currently running training for staff across Wiltshire Council with the expectation they will embrace this way of working. The shape of Transitions in the future is looking very exciting as different agencies begin to work more closely together in line with a fully person-centred approach to each individual. We will, as always, keep you informed of progress and developments.

The WPCC Transitions Team will continue to represent parent carers via their representation on the Disability/ SEN Group and with service leads including the Integrated Youth Service (formerly Connexions).

What’s happened so far

The WPCC has been involved in writing and implementing the Transitions Multi Agency Protocol, transitions booklets and leaflets, and the Transitions Pathway.

The WPCC has co-organized and hosted a number of very successful transitions events relating to health,hHousing and also a Meaningful Futures Employment Day. These were well attended by parents, professionals and young people who were able to gain a great deal of information and meet others to share experiences.