Nystagmus Network


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Nystagmus Network


Charity supporting people living with nystagmus

Area: National
Location: England & Wales
Telephone: 01427 718093

Email: info@nystagmusnet.org
Website: https://www.nystagmusnetwork.org

70 Hyde Vale, London

Postcode: SE10 8HP

Contact Person:

Facebook ID: @NystagmusNetwork

Twitter ID: @NystagmusUK
What We Do: The Nystagmus Network is a registered charity in England and Wales supporting people living with nystagmus. Nystagmus is a complex eye condition, characterised by involuntary movements of the eye. The eyes appear to wobble or flicker from side to side, up and down or round and round. Nystagmus causes impaired vision, affecting the ability to focus, speed and depth perception and facial recognition. At least 1 in 1,000 people are born with nystagmus and many more acquire the condition later in life.
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