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Section: The Local Offer

Short breaks frequently asked questions

How can I chase my application?

Beyond providing general information, the WPCC is unable to assist families with their individual applications. For information regarding your application, please call Wiltshire Council directly on 01225 718294.

What if I used the Short Breaks Scheme last year?

If you used the Short Breaks Scheme last year, you will still need to make a new application for this year. Families that have accessed short breaks previously, are not automatically allocated a short break in following years.

What if I don’t fit the access criteria?

If your child is not eligible for short breaks, they can access activities available to ALL children and young people in Wiltshire, referred to as Universal Services. These include leisure centres, swimming pools, youth clubs, theatres and playgrounds etc.

Wiltshire Council provides services specially designed to meet the needs of children and young people who require additional support to enable them to access a short break. These are called Targeted Services and include sports activities, youth clubs, drumming and music sessions and animation workshops.

For further information on these and other services in Wiltshire go to the ask Wiltshire website, where the Family Information Service provides information on various services available in your community.

How can I appeal?

If your child does not meet the access criteria for the scheme and you feel that he/she cannot access other short break opportunities, appeals can be made using a Common Assessment Framework, referred to as CAF.

Equally, if you miss the 28th September 2012 deadline because your child became eligible after 31st August 2012, appeals can be made using the CAF. To find out more about CAF, please speak to a professional who works with your family.

What if I live in Swindon?

For information about what's available to families covered by Swindon Local Authority, please contact the Aiming High Team at Swindon Council on 01793 464 080. Alternatively, you can contact Swindon Parents and Carers Advisory Group.