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A Parent's Guide to Personal Budgets

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As part of the ‘Making it Personal’ project, sponsored by the Department for Education, national charity KIDS has worked with a number of partners to develop a new suite of resources to explore how personal budgets can be used to their best advantage.

Among those resources is a handbook for parents and carers of disabled children on what personal budgets are and how they can be used. To download the handbook, click here.

The charity has also produced guidance for commissioners and others in children’s services on how to commission for personalisation. To download the commissioning guidance, click here.

This work was developed in response to the Department for Education’s Green Paper Support and Aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability (DfE2011).

Update March 2016: KIDS Charity has produced a suite of guidance for schools and young people exploring innovative ways of unlocking the potential of funding to develop educational personal budgets. The resources are badged ‘Making it Personal:2’ – [click here] to take a look.

Update August 2017: KIDS charity has worked with young people’s engagement Groups from across the country to develop information on what is important for young disabled people when making decisions that affects them, and how personal budgets can be used in innovative ways to help them achieve their aspirations for the future. Young people helped to make a video to explain about personal budgets and what they can be used for, you can find the video [HERE].