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Wiltshire Mind Launches Young People's Service

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Wiltshire Mind is the local mental health charity based in Melksham which works across Wiltshire to support anyone with mental health issues. They are a self-funding independent charity which provides a variety of support to local people ranging from Peer Support Groups, Evening group, Carers Groups, 1-1 counselling and Polish Counselling. They also have a Charity Shop in Melksham and provide Mental Health Awareness Training to local businesses.

Wiltshire Mind is now extending its 1-1 counselling service to support young people 13+. This will run two afternoons/evenings per week to support local young people. It is a fact that a half of all lifetime cases of diagnosable mental health conditions start in teenage years, Wiltshire Mind wants to work with young people, at an early stage, to prevent progression of poor mental health and to support their future wellbeing. Wiltshire Mind CEO stated:

“We know there are many gaps in provision in Wiltshire for young people and we feel we can bridge the gap; supporting statutory services and enabling more young people to gain help. It is a sad fact that depression and anxiety in teens has increased by 70% in the last 25 years and more and more need help. In Wiltshire we know that a third of young people report having some kind of mental health issue at age 13, 12% of young people in Year 12 report self harming.

“Wiltshire Mind wants to be able to support young people who may not be able to currently find help in Wiltshire, we will provide up to 24 counselling sessions to ensure that young people receive suitable help. We know sadly of young people who have received a small amount of help in Wiltshire only to go on to suicide. We want to provide an easy to access service, which will prevent the escalation of issues.”

The service will offer:

  • Service: 2 afternoons/evenings per week - Monday and Wednesday
  • Where: Wiltshire Mind office, in High St, Melksham
  • For: those 13+
  • Referral: by phone or email from individuals, parents or other professionals (easy to access)
  • Cost: £15 donation per session (as self-funding charity and do not have full funding for this project)
  • Duration: service led by need up to 24 sessions
  • Managed: Counselling Lead and Specialist Young People Counsellors

To access the Wiltshire Mind Young People’s Counselling service, parents and young people can call 01225 706532 or email