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Traffic Light Communication Tool

The Traffic Light Communication Tool - Dr Karen Horridge and Peter Ireland

It can be hard for families to get across to doctors the many things that worry them when they go to a clinic with their disabled child. The Health, Functioning and Wellbeing Summary, known as the ‘Traffic Light Tool’, was designed to help. The family can complete this in the waiting room. The tool was developed with disabled young people, parents, and other experts. The tool begins by celebrating the things that are going well. Next, there is space for the family to say what might help the child or young person to engage with the things they want to do, and what might improve their quality of life. There is also space for concerns or questions. On the other side, there is a list of medical conditions, areas of function, and other things that families have said are important. The family chooses the traffic lights’ colour: green if no concerns; amber if some concerns; and red if serious concerns.

What was done
60 families were asked what they thought about the tool.

What was found
Everyone who used the tool said that it helped them to make sure that everything they were worried about got sorted out in the clinic appointment. Most said it was easy to use.

Download a PDF of the Traffic Light Tool [here]. To watch the YouTube video please [click here].