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Warrior Academy Martial Arts

[Warrior Academy] believe martial arts is a fantastic tool to develop the character of young people. Through their well-designed programme, students drastically improve their confidence, learn to focus and control their emotions in stressful situations, whilst also learning about the importance of respect and good behaviour.

They are a small team of instructors, passionate about martial arts and it’s their mission to positively impact the lives of the students in their clubs. They operate in a number of different locations across Wiltshire, find your nearest club [HERE].

Sessions range from £39.99 a month for training, which also includes full access to their online home training programme called Warriornet, free licence book and also access to holiday classes. Valerie will be your contact when registering, and she'll be able to discuss Warrior Academy’s instructors with you and their experiences with different physical abilities in the class. If you'd like to receive one of their brochures, you can go online through [Brochure & Trial], select a time for Valerie to ring, pop in your address and they can send you across a brochure.

Or for more information you can call Valerie on 0771 555 6056 or email