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Hidden Disabilities Lanyard

Multiple UK airports including [Bristol airport] have adopted a scheme to support passengers who have a hidden condition or disability. By using the sunflower lanyard, passengers who are autistic, have ADHD, dementia, a visual impairment, or other condition, can discretely show staff they may need additional assistance during their journey without having to verbally disclose to staff.

First introduced at Gatwick Airport, over 10,000 lanyards have been collected to date. The lanyards which are free, have been such a success, they are now also recognised by some other transport provider (including LNER), and in February 2019 some Sainsbury's and Tesco supermarkets began extending the scheme across some of their stores.

Great Western Hospital in Swindon was the first hospital in the UK to pilot the scheme in a hospital.

Lanyards can be requested free from participating organisations, usually at their customer service desk, or special assistance desk in airports. For more information about the scheme and where they are recognised, simply use an internet search engine and type 'Sunflower Lanyard'.