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Section: Signposting

Subsection: Signposting - Support for families

Wiltshire Victim Support

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Wiltshire Victim Support now offers an alternative way for people to report hate related incidents and crimes, if they prefer not to report to the police. This enables people to decide how much or little information they want to provide, without fear of repercussion.

Non-emergency reports can now be made via their Alternative Reporting System by phoning on 0808 2810113 or via secure email on or non-secure email on

Hate incidents and crimes are targeted hostility or harm towards someone because of an aspect of who they are perceived to be, or their identity, for instance on the basis of disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or transgender identity. Too many people suffer in silence, not only those directly targeted, but those too who are avoiding places they fear they might be targeted: not going out at certain times of the day; changing the way they look or dress; hiding their true identities.

Wiltshire Victim Support are aiming to support people to identify hate related incidents when they come across them, to name them, to know how to signpost people to appropriate support, and to ensure such incidents are recorded to improve understanding and inform prevention work.