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Section: What we do

Subsection: What we do - Have your say!

Your Feedback on Services

The Wiltshire Parent Carer Council is always keen to hear from parent carers about your experiences of using services in Wiltshire; please remember you are always welcome to email us or telephone us with any feedback you wish to share at any time, as many of our members already do.

It is always helpful to know when services are meeting the needs of families across Wiltshire and also to have examples of where things haven't worked so well. If you have feedback you would like to share, please telephone us on 01225 764647 or send an email to admin@wiltspcc.co.uk. Please be assured that when we share feedback with services, we never identify the person who gave the feedback, unless we have their consent to do so.

Any feedback from children and young people is really welcome too. This could be a picture they have drawn or something written on their behalf in their own words etc.

When sharing your feedback, it is often helpful to know:-

  • Which part of Wiltshire you live in (North, South etc.)
  • How old your child is
  • Consent to share your contact details? (Optional), so we can work with service providers to address issues with you individually.

You may prefer to download our WPCC Feedback Form. The Feedback Form can then be saved to your computer where you will be able to fill in your comments/feedback, save the file and return as an attachment to the WPCC via the above email address. If you'd like any help with any of the above, please get in touch.