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Joint Short Breaks Scheme Statement

While one of the strengths of the Wiltshire Short Breaks Scheme is that it gives families choice and control about how and when children and young people can access Short Breaks, it also enables families much more choice about what sort of Short Break opportunities their children access. We urge families to remember however, that the Wiltshire Short Break Scheme is not primarily about respite for the parent carer as it is there to give children and young people access to meaningful, accessible and enjoyable activities and social opportunities that they want to do; it may well be however that parent carers receive some respite as a consequence.

Families who choose the payment option should give careful consideration to how best to use the money to contribute towards providing the short breaks and leisure activities that their child wants to access over the year. As with any parent, there is also an expectation that families are expected to contribute towards the overall costs of providing short breaks for their children. Most families spread the money over the year to provide regular short breaks for their child, and this is usually a good approach. Some families, after careful consideration, have decided to use some or all of the money to contribute towards a family holiday. This is considered an acceptable use of the money if this is what the child or young person has identified is most important to them (or it is recognised as in their best interest in their My Plan or by a professional working with the child or young person). We are keen to remind parent carers that any families who contact social care for respite support would be expected to have used the Short Breaks Scheme responsibly to best meet the needs of their child.