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Concessionary Bus Passes

If you are a permanent Wiltshire resident with a disability then you may be eligible for a concessionary bus pass. The disability should be permanent, have lasted at least 12 months, be likely to last at least 12 months or be likely to recur and should have a substantial effect on the person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities.

A disabled person will qualify for a concessionary bus pass if their disability is falls within one of the seven categories listed below.

  • The applicant is blind or partially sighted
  • The applicant is profoundly or severely deaf
  • The applicant has a disability or injury which has affected their ability to walk.
  • The applicant does not have arms or has lost the use of their arms
  • The applicant has a learning disability ie arrested or incomplete development of mind which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning.
  • The applicant would not have an application for a driving license approved on the grounds of medical fitness. This would include those with epilepsy, mental disorder and a liability to sudden attacks of giddiness or fainting. This does not include those who have had a license refused or revoked due to misuse of drugs or alcohol.

If a person’s disability means they are unable to use a bus without assistance then a companion’s bus pass may be issued. For more information and guidance on the concessionary bus pass and to apply [Click Here]


For those young people under the age of 25 applying for a concessionary bus pass on the grounds of Special Educational Needs (SEN), please take a look at the following Update.